Susan Brennan-Hodgson – Elvis the Reality NZ

"Brendon really needs no introduction. He has a warm, larger-than-life personality and an infectious smile. On stage, and under the spotlight, he quickly takes on a whole new persona – that of Elvis Presley – and this is not to be taken lightly, because Elvis is a hard act to follow. With a twist of the hip, a twitch of the lip and a very talented voice, Brendon quickly transports you back to the days of Elvis in concert, so that nostalgia takes over and, once again, the audience thrills to the seductive music of the King. By nature Brendon is a generous man and, like Elvis, uses his gift to help others. He has frequently performed free concerts to raise money for schools and other worthy causes. There are many Elvis Tribute Artists, but Brendon stands out from the crowd as having a natural talent and a refreshing attitude. Rest assured, Brendon has no intention of leaving the building!"

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